Spinoza Foundation of extracurricular learning for Multilingual Children strives to improve and broaden its existing activities, develop new activities with your financial support.

Therefore, we kindly invite you to become a Friend of our Foundation. You can transfer a certain amount of money monthly or yearly beside your usual tuition fees. You can declare and deduct this amount with your income tax declaration. This can be done because the Dutch Tax Authority recognizes our Foundation as a Public Benefit Organization.

Periodical donations are the most attractive from the fiscal point of view as the whole amount is deductible, without a maximum amount being set. If you transfer the same amount yearly for a minimum of 5 years, the Dutch Tax Authority will pay you back between 40% and 50% of this amount. For this reason, we have to frame this donation into a written agreement (notary is no longer required). You can read more about it on the website of the Dutch Tax Authority.

Our Foundation provides not only extracurricular learning for multilingual children, but also activities for multilingual parents. For example, courses about bilingual education and dealing with teenagers, lectures about literature, trainings to develop multicultural professional skills and cooking workshops. As a Friend you will be entitled to a discount for such activities.

If you opt for an amount below, we will send you information and a contract.

Yes, I would like to become a Friend of Spinoza Foundation for:
€ 10 per month ……..
€ 15 per month ……..
€ 20 per month ……..
€ 120 per year ……..


These data will be used exclusively to provide you with more information about this Friends’ Regulation as well as for the purposes of the contract.