Would you like to hear more school stories?


Today is a story about one girl. During the lesson of mathematics she worried a lot. I tried to explain the meaning of the word “sequence” and asked the children to stand next to each other. I put the girl first, but at some point, moving the children around, I’ve put a boy in front of her. The girl, looking gloomily at me, said out loud with an attitude:

 - I'm STARTING to get upset!

 I, as a person who feels tired and not very sensitive to subtle movements of the young soul, thought to myself “it can happen!”. Giving her no response, I continued to explain my point to the children. A minute later, the girl, realizing that she was dealing with an insensitive person, and even one can say heartless, looked at me and said VERY loudly:

-That’s it! I AM UPSET!

 She rushed to her chair and sat down, looking menacingly at me and opening her mouth wide she burst into tears.

 Mathematics and sequence ended right there at that very moment, and a new sequence began: I'm starting to get upset-I am upset – cool me off, keep cooling me off- your mathematics is totally BORRING!!!

 Everybody has their own sequence…