I love the parents of our school for their sense of humour.

This morning comes a mother with a big bouquet of flowers. She approaches me and says: 

- This is a bribe for you! I brought my child. She promised not to cry! 

Behind her back looms a young lady of four years old who last year was sobbing while saying goodbye to her mother. This time the young lady was not crying. 

-Will you go to class? - I ask.

-Yes! - loudly and clearly says the mother.

The young lady nods unsurely. She did not run after her mother after we brought her to class. The whole day she did not cry.

Mom came to pick up and asked:

- Did she cry?

- No!

- That’s it, the bribe worked!– mom smiled

We burst into laughter and the young lady for some reason too.


Congratulations with the beginning of the school year and may everybody bloom and ripen in their own time.