About us

Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are a language school named after Spinoza for multilingual children and their parents. Children can come to us once to several times a week after regular school ends. Classes last from 2 to 4 hours. Our classes focus on developing, learning and communicating in one of the following languages:

* Russian

* French

* Italian

* Spanish

Currently more than 100 children attend our classes.

For all children our school is a place where they learn not only the language but also obtain valuable knowledge on the subject of logics, painting, theatre, programming, chess in Russian, French and Italian languages.

We are guided by the following principles in our education: <<FREEDOM, DESCIPLINE, HARMONIOUS DEVELOPMENT>> and <<DIFFERENT CHILDREN = DIFFERENT APPROACH>>

A selected language is applied during all lessons of the day cycle and is thus easier to learn. We create small groups out of 4-8 pupils so that the teacher can give attention to each child and make him interested during the entire learning time. All our teachers are professional tutors, psychologists, mathematicians and musician with higher education and many years of working experience.

Our difference from other language courses and schools is in synthesis of several important learning factors. When selecting a program and conducting classes we take the following into account:

particularities of multilingual children;

> results of scientific research of multilingualism;

> individual characteristics of each child;

> the need of development mental and communicative skills;

> possibilities of working together on the projects with non-linguistic teachers;

> possibilities of teaching new, relevant, different from the content of the program in an ordinary school

Depending on children’s skills in a group, we use either ready-to-be-used programs and materials or we adapt them or we create our own. The compliance to a chosen course is checked during a school year and can be adjusted as many times as necessary for favorable and effective study. The questionnaire data, testing and observation help us in this.

Another important difference of our school is its historically established role of a centre for the whole family. Mothers, fathers, grandparents attend our pedagogical and art lectures, master classes, joining the world of a modern multilingual child. This way we open up to you and help you better understand your child growing in a multilingual environment of a rapidly changing world. Whether you notice or not you will acquire competencies that we try to develop in your child: to find a right way out of a conflict situation, not to get caught up in a dilemma, to solve a problem. You will be on the same page with your child.

In 2019 we plan to start several projects in cooperation with Dutch schools and kindergartens as well as exchange our experiences in educating multilingual children.