About us

Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are a language school named after Spinoza for multilingual children and their parents. Children can come to us once to several times a week after regular school ends. Classes last from 2 to 4 hours. Our classes focus on developing, learning and communicating in one of the following languages.



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our team

Таtjana Ozerova

Tatjana Nicanovich

Alfia Lootsma


Our difference from other language courses and schools is in synthesis of several important learning factors. When selecting a program and conducting classes we take the following into account:

particularities of multilingual children;

> results of scientific research of multilingualism;

> individual characteristics of each child;

> the need of development mental and communicative skills;

> possibilities of working together on the projects with non-linguistic teachers;

> possibilities of teaching new, relevant, different from the content of the program in an ordinary school

Depending on children’s skills in a group, we use either ready-to-be-used programs and materials or we adapt them or we create our own. The compliance to a chosen course is checked during a school year and can be adjusted as many times as necessary for favorable and effective study. The questionnaire data, testing and observation help us in this.